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Iris - Goo Goo Dolls


A song written for a movie soundtrack, not later appropriated as can often be the case. John Rzeznik, singer and songwriter from the Goo Goo Dolls wrote the song based on the lead character from the movie City Of Angels who can 'love someone so much that you give up everything to be with them.' The song was named after country folk singer-songwriter Iris DeMent after Rzeznik read about her in a newspaper.


A tricky number to play due to the original being in quite a challenging guitar tuning.

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Yellow - Coldplay


Coldplay eh? They are a bit marmite. You can’t knock ‘em for ability to write catchy pop tunes though.


This was their breakout hit from their debut album Parachutes. Lead singer Chris Martin has alluded to a number of different meanings to the song's title from the obvious to the nonsensical. As with 'Iris', this is played in a slightly different tuning. Sounds like we know what we're doing, however this tune is one that just clicked surprising quickly once we started playing it.

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Always Your Way - My Vitriol


Its fair to say that no-one else in the Cult had ever heard of the band My Vitriol. Finding bands that Canute and Stanley Franc have in common isn’t that difficult but even so... this is still quite niche.


My Vitriol have been labelled as spearheading a new musical shoegazing movement ‘nu gaze’ which is an awful label to be tarred with.


Despite this, their debut album has a handful of excellent tunes and is well worth a listen. 'Always: Your Way' is the standout song though: clever lyrics, beast of a main riff, some nice vocal harmony. You want more?!? Ok. The original is one of the best produced rock songs ever. 

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