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The answer to the title is probably yes if anything is needed at any kind of pace. A crippling issue of self confidence has kept me locked in thinking I need others to help fuel my original musical endeavours. Another problem is linked to writing 100 slithers of songs and chucking 99 of them away.. I remain my own worst enemy and savage critic.

Thankfully I have finally pushed through to other side, these three songs have stuck with me long enough to get to the point of me:

A) Not being completely sick of them;
B) Finally finishing the production on them.

A Summer Theme

2022 had the hottest summer on record but this isn't about then, this is about summers past - the rubbish ones.


The original version of this was on my now very defunct myspace page. It is the only song that I have written that has lasted this quite silly amount of time (2007) without me forgetting, hating or discarding it.

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It Was Never For the Best

Reflections on past mistakes, a level of thankfulness that mobile phones with cameras weren’t a thing when I was a lad.. long overdue apologies for tedious, stupid behaviour. Get it all out in a song, it’s cathartic, innit.

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The pandemic lock downs didn’t put me in the best place mentally. Battling the same cretinous demons in my head but without a change of scenery was difficult. Pretentiously I leaned on a lot of stoicism to try and help, some of it was useful. Focussing on control does make sense.

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Stan J. Fran

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