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Reg Twite, 37, was delighted to win the Scrunging Pole competition after the treasured instrument was lost during the war. The original pole was irrevocably damaged during the air raids and so it was decided to launch a challenge among cult members to create a new modern version.


Dr Twite revealed that his experience as a development engineer at the Gloucestershire Aircraft Research establishment enabled him to refine its aerodynamic properties.


He’d determined that in order to increase the pleasure of the Scrunging process - a minimum drag coefficient was needed. Using light weight material, a wind tunnel apparatus and pipe smoke he managed to perfect the balance of scrunge thrust and wind resistance, thus generating greater effect from less effort. Well done Reg!


This particular feature appealed to the board of judges headed by, none other than, Throbwhistle himself.


Mrs Betty Twite refused to comment.

Reg and his new 'low drag' pole

Hand point L.jpg
Hand point R.jpg
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