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Love is....



Love is….. A drug? A many splendored thing? All you need?


Or will it tear you apart?

I’m guessing whatever love is for you, it’s a can of worms. Because it always is. A unique experience for each of us every time it happens - but there are common threads and common dreads. When love walks through your door, pain slides in like a ninja. You might not see him, but you know he’s there, lurking. Yet in spite of the dangers we dive headfirst into the love pool, unable to stop ourselves, nor even wanting to. It really is a many splendored thing.

These are original love songs. The first is very personal. 'Linger' is about love in the face of adversity - and occasionally crisis. In spite of this and in many ways because of this, love endures, it continues to flourish. It’s an unstoppable force….and a can of worms.

The second song started life some 30 odd years ago with a germ of an idea I’d written and forgotten about, then unearthed in the course of research for High Tide and Green Grass. I decided to finish what I'd started all those years ago. Not having romantic feelings at my ripe age, the challenge with 'The Trouble With Love' was to write lyrics uncluttered by experience and cynicism. But it was a can of worms: it felt good to be 28 again, but oh boy!!…if I knew then what I know now…..

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And with thanks to my mate Trev for the tinkling piano......

The Trouble With Love
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Love is… regrets

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