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Ernest 'Rantmumble' 


Ernest 'Rantmumble' Throbwhistle, here seen engaged in disgraceful behaviour during the Rodding of the Truss ritual, 2017. Such scenes can no longer be visually documented following the rule change to night-time performances only. Throbwhistle was later elevated to High Pope.

The alderman was 'away' at this time this biography was prepared. Here is some information from his criminal justice records, newspaper reports and local police files:

Alderman Ernest ‘Rantmumble’ Throbwhistle OBE, born 1954, first known arrest 1960, first known conviction 1970, fifteen marriages and divorces (all within 12 months of marriage), currently subject to extradition cases in Turkmenistan, United States and Switzerland on fraud indictments. Trustee on CoFin pension scheme. 

Bankrupted multiple times. Curiously seems to have avoided prison, possibly because his frauds are always ludicrous and end up with his 'victims' taking money off him.

Retained in positions of leadership in the Cult as part of the organisation’s rehabilitation of offenders scheme and his uncanny ability to find field mushrooms for committee breakfasts. Known to get over-excited during committee meetings over footling quibbles regarding Cult lore.

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