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We’ve stepped out of our comfort zone to record 3 songs from the soul canon. We do this with love for the artists and respect for their work, because the original recordings are works of genius.

Ohh Baby Baby — Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

Written by Robinson and fellow Miracle Pete Moore, this single reached no.16 on the Billboard Top 100 in 1965. The Miracles’ exquisitely delivered backing vocals, augmented by a Funk Brothers instrumental track and Robinson’s plaintive wail made this an instant Motown classic. We hope our version might become a Cult classic.

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It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference Todd Rundgren 

Rundgren’s considered to be an innovator in the field of rock music, producing albums by acts as diverse as The Band and New Yorks Dolls to pick a couple at random — but this track from Something/Anything? released in 1972 highlighted his ongoing obsession with soul music. We follow humbly in his footsteps.

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Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight — Isley Brothers

Written by James Taylor surprisingly, but the Isley’s version from their 1973 3+3 album is what defined it as a soul classic- with a gut wrenching vocal from Ronald Isley. Our version leans heavily on it, although not having Mr. Isley to rely on for that central performance, we’ve instead packed it with backing vocals.

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Always better loud

Brittle England

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