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Some slightly different covers for you here, a bit heavier, a bit off kilter, a bit of a mash up really.

I did acoustic versions of a couple of these but when I went to record them kept adding different things, changing things until they got to their current form.

Sick Home Subterranean Blues

Covered it for Bob Dylan’s birthday celebrations, fast paced lyrics?  Saves me from singing, innit.

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Bullet In The Head

One of my favourite bass lines opens this monster of a track from Rage Against The Machines eponymous debut album. Covering the issue of government use of media to control the population - it is an absolute work of art, I have strived to write songs with this kind of social commentary but can’t get anywhere near it - have a listen over here (under Hours and Minutes)

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Bush were the original artist, a song about a breakup. Sounds great with just vocals, guitar and some strings (as per the original). I decided to throw everything I had at it to counter that spartan approach, definitely not because I am scared of my own voice.

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Stanley Franc

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