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Cult Music

Welcome to the Cult of Ffynche Music Emporium


Because it’s all about the music. Music born of blood, sweat and tears of frustration has come at some cost to this happy breed, leaving us damaged…..but not broken. The cost to you however is whatever you choose it to be. Have the lot, name your price. Or have it for nothing. Our pleasure. But be assured that 100% of any monies raised will go towards developing and encouraging future Ritual.


Free bonus physical copy of the legendary 'Morning Horn' issue 2 (17th February 1951) and Cult Of Ffynche beer mat - whilst stocks last - will be dispatched to anyone kind enough to donate to Cult CoFfers and provide their actual home address to send it to (we do international postage, but possibly arthritically slowly). 

If you choose to buy that’s great. We’ll take a beer from you and toast your good health. It’s the way of the Cult.


Don't want to buy anything? That's cool.  You can stream away to your heart’s content. Our music is available on most of your favourite streaming platforms.


Listen. Enjoy. Spread the word.

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