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Toby   norter 

Fa tbuck



Relatively recent entrant as a major contributor to the Cult during his high flying years in the city. Came a cropper when a significant quantity of a white powdery substance was uncovered under the back seat of his Bentley.

In a statement, Jonathan Goodsnuff QC, claimed that his client was simply carrying out an errand for a restaurant owner acquaintance, delivering 14 kg of baking powder to a well known cookery writer in Hampstead. 


After a traumatic divorce his fortune was lost to Annabelle and the eight children.


Asked why he decided to join the Cult, Toby said 'I had nothing better to do'.


Toby continues his work for the Cult by the creation and issue of CultCoins and CultBonds which can be purchased in Cult Services


Hobbies include searching for rare species of mushrooms and cultivating medicinal herbs.

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