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'Use what talents you possess - the woods will be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.'
Henry van Dyke Jr.

I use this quote because I’m lazy, slap dash and struggling to recall the exact reasons why I picked these songs to cover. I’m a singer with more confidence than ability so I might as well help contribute to the overall noise, Mr Dyke Jr helps reinforce to me that I don’t have to be the best, thanks Henry.

You can find my other favourite quotes in the Non Fiction section, seemed a little excessive having them all here.

These are great songs from great bands, they take me back to different times in my life and this will always be, to me, one of musics most powerful gifts. What better way to return the favour than to bash together a few lockdown covers for the sake of keeping me sane.

Olympia WA - Rancid.

From the seminal …And Out Come The Wolves album. Possibly the best pop punk album ever. I hadn’t considered covering this song until I heard the rather wonderful Molly Tuttle do a version, I nicked a bit from hers and great chunks from the original to make this one.

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Away From Here - The Enemy

We are in mid to late 00’s, big indie rock tune, still holds true, sing along chorus, loadsa fun.

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Sorrow - The National

From the album High Violet. The production on this album and overall haunting quality of the songs still amazes me a decade on. Matt Berninger’s amazing voice, just so thick, low and full of emotion is incomparable so it makes excellent sense that I gave it a go.


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Open Road Song - Eve 6

On the tail end of the late punk / pop type movement came this 3 piece band from California. Signed to a record label whilst still in high school (swines!) released a brilliant self titled first album which included this song, always puts me in a good mood, some of the lyrics really paint that open road picture.. "I love my broken side view mirror" shouldn't work, but it does.


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With thanks to Canute for the backing vocals.

Stanley Franc

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