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Shed Banging launched as an alternative means of induction into the Cult of Ffynche.

A group of parish mothers had campaigned, insisting that many of the acceptance rituals have been 'a tad adult' in nature and ill-suited to many younger folk - particularly the young in mind.


The spectacular inauguration event involved a large erection on the green and novices were invited to show ingenuity and 'verve' in creating their personal challenge.


It was soon decided to ban the use of animal carcasses but vegetable matter was allowed. Other than these simple guidelines - there were no rules.


Success was awarded to those who satisfied the judging panel on three counts:

Rare image of the Shed Banging Induction event. 

From the archives of the Rev. Arthur Pistonock Henderson (second from right).

  1. Anticipation and preparation

  2. The sound quality achieved on impact (magnitude and originality)

  3. Effort and style of presentation (including attire)

Enjoying the spectacle, Tom, aged 9, spoke of his ambition to gain admission in this fashion and was working hard in the school holidays to perfect his technique and appearance. His elder brother and sister had excelled with the addition of pumpkin headgear. 

Critics of the proceedings issued a statement insisting that it was 'stupid'.


The Rev P-H, defending the organisers, expressed the view that 'people need to escape from their mundane lives and bring joy to the locality. A display of 'pith and spunk' is needed in every community'.

Siblings Nip and Tuck preparing for their double entry.

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