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Acoustic Beauties

Acoustic beauties
The Clap A simply sensational solo guitar piece from Steve Howe. The Yes Album (1971) was my go to LP for many moons aged 15 - not long after I started to play the guitar. This piece blew me away.
Romance (anon) While living and working in Bogota, Colombia in 1980, I gave English lessons to a Colombian housemate in return for classical guitar lessons. Humberto (for it was he) slaved long and hard teaching me this piece, which I never could finish.
Grantchester Meadows Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour (my axe hero) playing a soft and simple duet. The lyrics describe a day in the aforementioned meadows by the river Cam; an experience I enjoyed many times. From the album Ummagumma , 1969. A song I learned to play with my music buddy, Steph, whose ashes are scattered there.
Horizons A classical delight by Steve Hackett (Genesis). Another hugely influential player for me. From the 1972 album Foxtrot .
Raviole Continuing the classical style - from another of my fave albums of the time. The House on the Hill - Audience, 1971. Who’s ever heard of a guitarist called Howard? Howard Werth played nylon strung guitars in many of the Audience tracks.
Whoville Canadian singer songwriter Stephen Fearing - played at Great Barsdyke last year. His virtuoso piece that’s worthy of including at number 6 on the list!

Acoustic Beauties
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